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    I worked many year on the public administration, where i coordinated work teams and developed communication strategies. I’m in charge of organizing and optimizing work flows for projects to come true.
    I came to the world to share, on visual & auditive format, my interpretation of it. Since I got conscious of my existence, I visualize myself developing the various and multifaceted possibilities of my imagination, thanks to my right hand.
    I studied journalism and got a post degree on political communication. As a journalist, I worked for radios and news sites; as a consultant, I developed electoral campaigns and designed communication policies for public administration. Political and corporate clients share one need: develop seductive messages for segmented audiencies. I make it happen.
    Graphic designer from the University of Buenos Aires. I’m interested in the creative processes that turns ideas in something real. I develop brands and design for projects.
    I studied professional photography at the Avellaneda institute. I'm in charge of translating ideas into possible images. I've been awarded by the Argentinian National Academy of Fine Arts and I teach at universities. I take photographs to stay alive.
    Some codes makes communication possible, other ones let's you read this. I traduce ideas for Webs & Apps into functional digital environments. Some passiones are hard to explain, like programming and being a Racing Club fan. I have both in my veins.
    I study Visual Arts at the University of Buenos Aires. I consider communication as the key component of every project, especially when social media influences societies all over the world. I love to contemplate and analyze art productions. I manage social media through creative, innovative and succesfull content.
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    We design, produce
    and manage public identities
    of people, companies and governments for big
    and small projects
    different paths
    to develop the very
    best solution to fit
    our client needs

    identity strategy

    Interpreting the client, we develop a Comprehensive Identity Plan to empower their essence and improve their results. We work on every stage of the process: planning, design, production and implementation.


    We elaborate a detailed analysis of the client’s communication policy and propose ideas to optimize it.

    Design &

    We work on customized solutions for concrete needs and individual projects.
    We live in a hyperconnected world where, daily, humankind produces and consumes tons of information. Symbols, tendencies and styles shines and fades out vertiginously. On this scenario, besides having a strategy to be seen, we need to work on how we are seen.
    This is achieved only through a strategic and comprehensive planning of every big and little aspect that determines the public opinion of a person, company or organization. At Kodigo we work with our clients from scratch, in order to get the fittest plan for their specific objectives and needs.
    At Kodigo we work together from scratch, building a strategic alliance to elaborate the Comprehensive Identity Plan to suit your objectives and needs.

    We commence

    from an interdisciplinary approach, to detect the distinctive features of each client.

    We create

    personalized strategies to empathize with the correct audiences and achieve positive influence on public opinion.

    We produce

    and adapt messages to each channel, establishing effective communications.


    News clipping
    Communications strategies
    Crisis management
    Public Identity Management
    Media coaching
    Social Media Listening
    Social Media Management


    Electoral campaigns
    Corporate campaigns
    Situation analysis
    Public opinion surveys
    Focus group


    Branding & Naming
    Editorial design
    Graphic design
    Product design
    Packaging design
    UX/UI design
    Web design
    App design


    B2B/B2C/B2B2C strategies
    Mistery shopper
    SEO & SEM positioning


    2D & 3D Animation
    Content creation
    Motion graphics
    Events organization
    Audiovisual production
    Musical production

    Software Development

    Web development
    APP development
    E-commerce development
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